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Naples Inshore Fishing Charters

Naples, Florida, is renowned for its inshore fishing charters, where anglers can catch a variety of species such as Snook, Redfish, and Speckled Trout. These fish range widely in size and weight, with Snook often reaching over 30 inches and Redfish providing hefty catches up to 20 pounds. These species thrive in the shallow backwaters and mangrove estuaries of Naples, particularly around areas like Estero Bay. Inshore fishing in Naples is celebrated for the tactical challenge these fish present and their spirited battles, making each catch a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Naples Offshore Fishing Charters

Naples, Florida, offers a variety of offshore fishing charters that target an impressive array of species, including Permit, Cobia, Kingfish, Barracuda, Avarious Snappers, and Groupers, as well as different types of Sharks. These charters head into the nearshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where these species vary greatly in size—from modest to several hundred pounds. The optimal fishing locations are around the area’s numerous artificial reefs and natural underwater structures, which serve as hotspots for these diverse fish populations. These offshore fishing experiences are sought after for the intense battles with these strong fish, providing thrilling encounters that appeal to both novice and experienced anglers alike.



Naples, Florida, is celebrated not only for its picturesque beaches and warm weather but also as a prime fishing destination. Attracting anglers from all over, Naples offers a rich variety of fish species that can be caught year-round. Below is a list of the different fish species available in Naples, Florida, detailing their unique features and explaining why they are favored targets for fishing enthusiasts.


Tarpon are a standout species in Southwest Florida, known for their size, elusiveness, and the challenge they pose to even experienced anglers. While Boca Grande is renowned for its tarpon fishing, Naples also hosts numerous large Tarpon, often exceeding 100 pounds.

These fish make their appearance in the spring and remain active through the summer. The best time to target them is in April and May, before the intense summer humidity begins. For optimal results, fishing for Tarpon at night is recommended, as they tend to be more active in the cooler, darker hours.


Naples, Florida, is a hotspot for Redfish, where anglers can encounter various subspecies such as the Common Red Drum. These fish typically range in size from 20 to 35 inches and can weigh between 5 and 40 pounds. Redfish thrive in the shallow, inshore waters of Naples, particularly around grassy flats and mangrove estuaries. Fishing enthusiasts find Redfish exciting to catch due to their strong, bullish runs and the visual appeal of spotting their distinctive tails in shallow waters, making for a memorable and engaging fishing experience.


Naples, Florida, is a popular destination for targeting Cobia, a robust fish known for its distinctive shape and fighting spirit. Cobia in this area can grow to impressive sizes, often reaching up to 50 inches in length and weighing over 100 pounds. These fish favor the warmer, deeper waters around offshore wrecks and reefs, commonly found in the Gulf waters adjacent to Naples. Anglers enjoy fishing for Cobia because of their vigorous resistance when hooked, making them a challenging and exhilarating catch for both recreational and experienced fishermen.


Snook are a celebrated species among inshore fishing enthusiasts in Florida, especially renowned for their explosive strikes on lures and spirited efforts to escape. A favorite among Naples locals, these fish are a highlight of the Paradise Coast's shallow-water fishing scene.

In Naples, Snook fishing is a year-round activity, though they are less active during the cooler winter months. For optimal Snook fishing experiences, plan your trip between March and October when the water temperatures rise, making these fish more active and aggressive.


Naples, Florida, is a premier destination for trout fishing, where anglers can target species like the Spotted Seatrout and Silver Trout. These trout typically range in size from 15 to 30 inches and can weigh between 2 and 10 pounds. Preferred habitats for trout in Naples include shallow inshore waters, especially around seagrass beds and sandy bottoms near estuaries. Trout fishing is particularly enjoyable due to their vigorous fights and frequent jumps, offering a dynamic challenge that delights both novice and seasoned anglers.


Naples, Florida, is a prime location for fishing King Mackerel, a fast and agile species highly prized by anglers. These fish can range significantly in size, typically from 20 inches to over 50 inches long, and can weigh anywhere from 5 to 50 pounds. King Mackerel prefer the open waters off the Naples coast, particularly thriving near deeper reefs and ledges where they hunt for smaller fish. Catching King Mackerel is a thrilling experience due to their speed and the powerful runs they make when hooked, offering an adrenaline-pumping challenge that attracts sport fishers from around the world.


Naples, Florida, is home to a variety of Grouper species, including Black, Red, and Goliath Grouper, which vary widely in size from 5 to over 800 pounds. These groupers inhabit deeper offshore waters around coral reefs and rocky bottoms, with popular fishing spots located along the Gulf Coast's outer reefs and wrecks. In Naples, renowned areas for Grouper fishing include the waters off Gordon Pass and the surrounding Gulf sites. Anglers prize Grouper for their powerful fight and the strategic challenge they pose, making them a thrilling catch for both novice and experienced fishermen.


Naples, Florida, offers anglers the exciting opportunity to target Permit, a highly sought-after game fish known for its power and elusiveness. Permit in Naples can vary significantly in size, typically ranging from 10 to over 30 inches in length and weighing up to 40 pounds. These fish prefer the clear, shallow waters around sandy flats and coral reefs, particularly thriving near wrecks and grassy beds off the coast of Naples. Catching Permit is especially thrilling due to their strong, stubborn fights and the precision required to lure them, making them a prized catch among sport fishermen.


Naples, Florida, is a hotspot for diverse Snapper species, including the popular Red Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, and Mangrove Snapper. These fish vary in size, with Red Snapper reaching up to 35 inches and weighing as much as 25 pounds, while Yellowtail and Mangrove Snappers are generally smaller. Snappers thrive in the deeper offshore waters around coral reefs and rocky bottoms, with many found near the plentiful artificial reefs off the Naples coast. Fishing for Snapper is particularly enjoyable due to their feisty nature when hooked and their reputation as excellent table fare, making them a favorite target for both recreational and commercial anglers.

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